Welcome, doctors!

Imagine that you are a research doctor for the CDC. Study the assigned epidemic/ pandemic and create an informative video poster using GLOGSTER to educate others about the disease and its impact on society.

Disease Pathfinder
Health Databases

Using Glogster, create a poster to address the following:

- explain how diseases are spread
- describe the risks associated with biological hazards, such as viruses
- name ways that the spread of viruses can be prevented, controlled or cured
- describe how diseases can be spread rapidly across populations
- explain preventative measures to help defend against communicable disease
- explain how viruses can be transmitted from animals to humans
- explain the difference between and epidemic and a pandemic
- use technology to graphically display data

Please make sure that your poster has a professional look and feel and that it is rich in information. You will be using your poster to present your information to the class.

You will be assessed on your content/research, design, oral presentation, documentation.

Remember all images, video, and information must be carefully cited. You may want to open a NoodleBib folder. You will be able to easily embed it on your page when you finish your project.